About Us

Uniquely Inviting started as a new venture from long-time invitation designer Kelly Heuss in 2020. Our goal has always been to provide one-of-a-kind, custom-designed wedding invitations for all brides and grooms, no matter how traditional or individual, at a tremendous value for our customers. >In 2008, mother and daughter Joanne and Kelly Heuss opened Puttin' On The Glitz, a bridal accessories boutique in Perrysburg, Ohio. Over the next several years, they built a successful small business, expanding into a wide range of products. When Joanne officially retired and moved to Florida in 2016, the brick and mortar shop closed. Kelly eventually headed south as well, and is back in the invitation business! Kelly has over 25 years of experience in art and design and over 10 years of invitation design experience with customers worldwide. She is a former artist for Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando, former newspaper Design Director, and has freelance customers all over the globe. Her invitation designs and artwork have been featured in several magazines and online publications. Being a community-minded individual, she has also donated her design services to several non-profit organizations that hold a special place in her heart.
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